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Here's what it's like to play Destiny, Bungie's first game since Halo


Bungie has been shy about revealing the nuts-and-bolts gameplay of Destiny, its first game since it stopped working on the Halo series. Today, though, the company has thrown open the kimono. In addition to offering its own gameplay video, it gave Joystiq and other outlets a chance to try the title for themselves. Not surprisingly, the online RPG-influenced first-person shooter plays quite a bit like the company's best-known work; if you've spent years blasting Covenant forces in Halo, you'll adapt well to the new title. The biggest additions outside of the social component are "focuses," or superpower-like abilities that give each character class a major advantage in battle.

We're not seeing quite everything just yet. The hands-on time didn't give much opportunity to see the broader online experience, such as the public player spaces and large-scale missions. However, the studio says that we'll see more at E3 in June -- you'll likely have your fill by the time Destiny is available on September 9th. If the early hands-on time isn't enough to tide you over, though, you can also check out Joystiq's interview with Bungie exec Pete Parsons and get a tour of the developer's artwork-laden Bellevue offices.

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