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Lineage II turns 10 years old in North America


NCsoft's Lineage franchise has a lot to celebrate this week as the North American version of Lineage II turns 10 years old. Says the company,
During the past decade, millions of players have joined the fight to defend the realm of Aden from Shilen, the evil Goddess of Destruction, and her dark forces. During that time, players have experienced 21 free expansions, defeated more than 350 raid bosses, explored 450 unique zones, mastered 2,200 plus unique skills, and interacted with (meaning "killed") more than 10,000 unique NPCs and monsters, making Lineage II one of the largest MMOs in the world based on content alone.
The in-game celebrations will boast veteran packs and the Carnival of Aden, which includes login events, collection quests, special weapons, and weekend bosses. Happy birthday, Lineage II, and welcome to the short list of MMOs older than a decade!

[Source: NCsoft press release]

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