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The perks and quirks of Billionaire Banshee, a card game with cool cameos


Sometimes you have to take a break from video games, you know? You just want to sit back with friends, have a little gab and relax, maybe crack open a board game. Of course, that doesn't mean your board game can't have video game characters in it.

Enter Billionaire Banshee, a card-based party game. Billionaire Banshee's cards are set to feature pixelated cameos from lots of indie game darlings, including Octodad, Guacamelee, Go Home Dinosaurs, Blood Alloy and Roundabout.

The game itself challenges you to guess what kind of person your friends would date, the hook being that said date has one "perk" and one "quirk." For example, would your friends date someone who has a pet unicorn but also has translucent skin (yes, obviously)? It sounds weird, but we couldn't shake the appeal after seeing the game at PAX East.

We haven't seen the cameo cards in question, but we're guessing one of the new quirks is about being a secret octopus. Or is that a perk? Find out when Billionaire Banshee completes its funding drive on Kickstarter.
[Image: Steven Bailey]

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