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This is VVVVVV on iPad, dev says mobile, Vita ports imminent


Gravity-twisting platformer VVVVVV should arrive on iOS and Android soon, after creator Terry Cavanagh said the mobile ports are "ready to submit any day now." According to Cavanagh, the Nicalis-developed Vita port is "imminent" too.

Aside from its roaring chiptune soundtrack, VVVVVV is known for its challenging, twitchy platforming. Players have to move quickly while flipping the direction of gravity if they hope to navigate its mazey landscapes. It sounds like a tough thing to translate well to touchscreens, but Cavanagh reckons he's done just that. The Super Hexagon creator admitted gamepad controls are always going to be better for the kind of game VVVVVV is, but he added the swipe-and-hold controls he's implemented "are feeling really nice."

Cavanagh posted a video of him navigating one of the game's hardest sequences on iPad, but don't be fooled into thinking you'll find it just as easy. The man is a beast at his own games, even relative to most devs; watch him play Super Hexagon if you don't believe us.
[Image: Terry Cavanagh]

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