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Battlefield 4 adds server rental service, patches 'death shield'


EA DICE has issued a new cross-platform update for its competitive first-person shooter Battlefield 4, fixing a widely reported multiplayer glitch and introducing the Rent-A-Server program for console players.

Announced last month, EA's Rent-A-Server program gives console owners control over in-game parameters like friendly fire, team balance, map rotation, and regenerating health during multiplayer matches. Rent-A-Server prices range from $1.49 for one-day access to $59.99 for a 90-day rental. Currently, the service is temporarily unavailable on the Xbox One as EA investigates post-launch issues.

This week's update additionally patches out a reported "Death Shield" glitch, which would envelop killed players with an invisible bullet-blocking shield in Battlefield 4's multiplayer component. The fix is available now across all platforms.

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