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Joystiq Deals: Eight freebies, EVE Online and FlatOut discounts


The Freebie Gamer Bundle leads today's Joystiq Deals, offering eight games for the low price of totally free. Every game in the bundle is Mac-compatible and five work on PC. Discounted until Saturday, May 10, the eight games in question are Brickshooter Egypt, Atlantis Quest, Otto Matic, Nanosaur 2: Hatchling, BigHead Bash, Crazy Fairies, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and Gears. Some of the games in this bundle are normally free, but now include exclusive upgrades that would normally require in-game purchases to unlock.

Meanwhile, Steam is hosting its own deals this week on 43 games, such as Battlefield 2: Complete Collection, which is 75 percent off ($4.99) until Monday, May 5. Five games in the FlatOut reckkless racing series are each 75 percent off as well, ranging from $1.87 to $9.99. Other deals in Steam's weeklong sale include half-off of SteamWorld Dig ($4.99), 33 percent off Fortresscraft Evolved ($4.01), 75 percent off Worms Clan Wars ($6.24) and half-off of Descent 2 ($4.99).

Lastly, EVE Online is celebrating "Fanfest" this week on Steam with deals on subscription packages and starter packs. Starter Packs are currently 75 percent off ($4.98) and subscriptions are upwards of 27 percent off; three-month plans are 13 percent off ($12.95 per month), six-month plans are 20 percent off ($11.95 per month) and year-long subscriptions are down to $10.95 per month. The EVE Online deals are good until Wednesday, May 7.
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