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PS4 1.70 firmware goes live, has a bunch of extra tweaks


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The latest major firmware update for the PlayStation 4 is available to download now, adding SHAREfactory, HDCP disabling, Twitch and Ustream archiving, auto-downloading and pre-loading for pre-ordered games, and a few extras besides.

A large chunk of the 1.70 update centers around video capture and streaming, headlined by the new SHAREfactory suite that lets players edit and customize their gameplay vids. The HDCP off option allows people to record with capture cards (external recording devices). On the streaming side, broadcast resolutions are upped to 720p and streams can be archived to watch later on Twitch and Ustream - that was originally expected in a separate update, so its inclusion in 1.70 is an early bonus.

There's a bunch of smaller extras in the update too, including brightness settings for the DualShock 4 light bar, sorting trophies by rarity, PayPal support for the PS4 Store, and more voice commands for the PS Camera.

The updates aren't limited to the PS4, either. A Vita update brings automatic detection of devices for Remote Play, while the PS App has one of the coolest little additions: being able to change your profile picture to a stored image or photo on your mobile.

For the full list of updates, head over to the PlayStation Blog.

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