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WoW Moviewatch: ANN: Noblegarden Special


It's been a little while since we've seen a new edition of Slightly Impressive's incredible news coverage, but there's not time like the present. In Azeroth News Network: Noblegarden Special, Griff and team tackle the incredible mysteries around all these eggs, bunnies, and zipping about characters.

I want to take a moment and reflect on how far Slightly Impressive has come. This team is somewhat of a parable, in my opinion. Their original videos were a bit rough, and the jokes were admittedly sometimes flat. But you could see two things: they cared about what they were doing and they were passionate about it. Now, a hundred videos later, I think Slightly Impressive has grown into a staple of our community. I look forward to their stuff, they're worth more than a few laughs, and they've grown into their style. This is a team that should be proud, and many of us could learn from.
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