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Aviary for iOS appeals to tweens with blemish-removing selfie tools


You know what veritable selfie addicts would love to get for their birthday? A fairy godmother to magically erase their flaws -- or a darn good photo editor. Aviary claims the newest version of its Photo Editor for iOS is a cross between the two. After all, it has a brand new selfie suite that people can use to edit their photos to the nines before uploading them to Facebook to be judged by their peers. This wondrous suite features a Blemish tool that can magically zap those zits into oblivion with just one tap of its virtual wand and a Blur tool to soften the lines and wrinkles of more mature selfie enthusiasts. It also has an upgraded Red Eye Remover, as well as a Teeth Whitening Tool that can instantly bleach those yellowing chompers. Other than making users look good, the updated app also comes with new one-tap enhance tools and an undo/redo option that's absolutely necessary in people's quest for selfie perfection.

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