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Breakfast Topic: Where are all the pandaren holidays?

Anne Stickney

It's that time of year when lots of players start running battlegrounds for holiday achievements. Or that time of year where lots of players stop running battlegrounds for the next week or so while everyone else is getting their achievements done. Regardless, it's also the time of year where in-game holidays are hitting in fairly quick succession, and the time of year where, once again, I ask myself -- where are all the pandaren holidays?

No really, hear me out. Every year we have the same succession of Azeroth holidays, which makes perfect sense. Pandaria has been shrouded in mists for ten thousand years, which means pandaren ignorance of all our traditional holidays also makes sense. But these are pandaren -- I mean, these guys are known for being some of the best brewmasters on the planet. They come up with amazing food and all kinds of exotic recipes we get to learn. You're telling me these aces of ale and appetizers don't have a single notable shindig on their calendar? Ten thousand years of being hidden away, and they have no days allocated for some serious partying?

It just makes no sense. It's one of those things I wish we'd gotten from Mists, and didn't -- one of those glimpses into the fun side of pandaren culture. What do you think a pandaren holiday would look like? What kind of rewards do you think they'd offer? Are you like me, silently puzzled and wondering why the pandaren have no real holidays at all, or are you one of those people that pays no attention to holidays anyway?

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