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Joystiq Streams: Child of Light creators talk RPGs [UPDATE: Relive the Stream!]

Jeffrey Yohalem took a big risk with Child of Light. This passion project, told in verse and presented in soft, painterly tones was crafted by a team whose last gig was Far Cry 3. The grand adventure of an Austrian princess trying to get back to her family is a whole lot different than a hallucinatory orgy of violence fighting against tropical island pirates. Hence why we asked Yohalem to come on Joystiq Streams to talk about Child of Light while we play an early chunk of the game. He's also brought some copies of the game to give away to the crowd.

Joystiq Streams is playing Child of Light at 4PM EST on and right here in this post. Come on down to talk to the crew and ask the development team your burning questions about how to get a classical role-playing game made at one of the three biggest game publishers on Earth.

Joystiq Streams broadcasts at 4PM EST every Tuesday and Thursday on the Joystiq Twitch channel and right here at

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