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Pier Solar HD pushed back to June


Pier Solar HD, the Sega Genesis-style RPG developed by Watermelon, has been delayed to June, Sega Nerds reported. The delay was announced via a backers-only update on the developer's Kickstarter page. Watermelon earned $231,370 on the service in December 2012, and just received approval from the Steam Greenlight community in March to begin distribution for PC, Mac and Linux on that platform.

Also in development for PS3, PS4, Wii U, Android, Ouya, Dreamcast and considered for 3DS, Pier Solar HD was delayed to April just a few short months ago. Watermelon is reportedly looking to launch the game before E3, which starts on June 10. We've reached out to Watermelon to confirm the game's delay, and will update as we learn more [Update: Watermelon confirmed to Joystiq that Sega Nerds' report is accurate].
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