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Snapchat adds text chat, video calling and other news for May 1, 2014


It's Thirsty Thursday, so let's look at the news.

Snapchat has updated it's self-destructive service to include text chat and video chat. You can swipe to initiate a text chat with another user, and its history is wiped when your done. Similarly, video chats are just as temporary, and can be one-way or two.

Virgin Atlantic Airline has begun testing out iBeacons at London's Heathrow airport. The tech could allow a passenger's iPhone to pull up a boarding pass as she approaches security, or offer promotions like currency exchange.

Microsoft has updated the OneNote apps for the iPhone and OS X. The new versions will let users create new notes and sections with their iPhones. Meanwhile, the Mac versions lets you save a document as a PDF and supports drag-and-drop for images.

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