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Social network-styled menu system delayed Driveclub on PS4


A social network-styled dynamic menu system is to blame for Driveclub's months-long delay on the PlayStation 4, game director Paul Rustchynsky told Game Informer this week.

"We need to make sure that all the connectivity that surrounds the game, whether it be joining clubs or sending challenges, or even interacting with the iOS and Android Driveclub apps – that had to be slick," Rustchynsky explained. "That had to be absolutely seamless, and that was the one area we needed to put extra time into. All the things that we were able to polish – the cars and the tracks, etc. that was just a fantastic byproduct."

Rustchynsky continued: "What we originally had was something that was not necessarily as smooth, or the transitions or the way it connected you or other players weren't as intuitive as we intended them to be. So we had to go back and re-look at those areas, and kind of look at different ways and new techniques to get people to socially connect. And we've changed that with our new dynamic menu system [...], so we really feel like we've kind of solved all those problems now and created this racing game which is socially charged."

Driveclub missed its planned debut at the PlayStation 4's launch last year. Developer Evolution Studios announced this week that the Driveclub will premiere in October, and a free version will be available for PlayStation Plus members.

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