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SpaceX seeks video experts to help it prove Falcon rockets are reusable


Between courtroom battles with the federal government, SpaceX is in the business of launching things into space. The company has been trumpeting the ability of its Falcon 9 to safely land back on Earth, making it reusable and therefore much cheaper to use. Sadly, the camera attached to the hardware churned out a mess of garbled digital noise instead of glorious HD footage. Elon Musk and crew, however, aren't video experts, but rocket scientists, so they've posted the raw files online in the hope that an armchair VFX expert can translate the mess back into a watchable clip. If you take on the challenge, you can post your attempt to Reddit, and while the company isn't promising any prizes, maybe Elon Musk will let you fly in his top-secret spaceship, or something.

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