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Double your cash in Grand Theft Auto Online this weekend


To prepare players for the new weapons, vehicles and clothes coming to Grand Theft Auto Online in the High Life Update, Rockstar Games has decided to boost cash and reputation point awards for the next two days.

From now until midnight, Eastern Time on Saturday, all jobs and activities in Grand Theft Auto Online will award double cash and reputation points. This includes running the game's storyline missions, rounds of Team Deathmatch and even just evading the cops long enough to lose your wanted level. Basically, anything you do over the next two days that could qualify as a scene from a Michael Mann film will be rewarded with copious virtual cash and online infamy.

Grand Theft Auto Online fans would do well to take advantage of this generous outpouring. The aforementioned High Life Update will grant players the ability to own more than one piece of real estate, so while we still don't know when exactly that DLC will arrive, it seems a prudent time to start hoarding ill-gotten funds.
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