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Those glow-in-the-dark roads? They didn't fare well in the first public trials

Billy Steele

The pilot project that looks to replace streetlights with video game-esque glow-in-the-dark lane markers in the Netherlands has hit a bit of a snag. If you're in need of a refresher, the lines absorb ultraviolet light during the day before glowing through the night. So far, performance has been less than consistent. The markers don't give off a uniform amount of light, and more importantly, they've been disappearing with heavy rainfall. In a press release earlier this week, Dutch engineering firm Heijmans Infrastructure said that it'll address the issues for the next iteration that's slated for more widespread testing this summer, pressing pause until then. "We will use these insights to introduce an update to the Glowing Lines 2.0 version. In the meantime we have temporarily faded out the lining to prevent any confusing situations for road users," the statement read.

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