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Joystiq Deals: Dreamhost discount, Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle


If your passion for gaming extends into the realms of computer hardware and multimedia production, Joystiq Deals has a series of bargains for you today that will up the quality of your web hosting, podcast recording, and photography. Nintendo fans will also find a lot to like in this week's lineup with a tempting Wii U hardware bundle in Europe.

Today, Joystiq Deals shoppers can sign up for one year of web hosting with Dreamhost for just $24.99 -- almost $100 off of the service's regular price. While you're at it, you can improve your audio recording quality with the Blue Microphones Yeti USB microphone, which is up for grabs today at $117. Budding photographers, meanwhile, can take professional-quality iPhone photos with Bazaared's Essential iPhoneography Lens Kit for 65 percent off of its retail price.

Gamers in the UK looking to pick up a Wii U when Mario Kart 8 launches later this month can order a bundle from Tesco at a steep discount this week. The Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack is available on the Tesco Direct site for £219, but shoppers can drop the bundle's price to £199 by entering the code TDX-JGCV at checkout. Mario Kart 8 early adopters also get one of ten free digital Wii U games after registering a copy with Club Nintendo, making it a great time to lock in a cheap hardware bundle.

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