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Jury finds that Samsung infringed 2 of Apple's patents, awards $119.6M in damages

In the second infringement battle in California court in as many years, a federal jury has found that Samsung violated two of Apple's patents, but did not violate two others. The jury awarded Apple $119.6 million in damages from the violations.

The breakdown is as follows from Re/code:

The jury found all accused Samsung phones infringed on the first patent at issue, the '647 quick links patent, but ruled various phones did not infringe on two others. For one other it ruled some Samsung products infringe, while others did not.

For a fifth patent, the judge had ruled that Samsung's products infringe on the Apple patent and the jury determined that infringement was willful.

Apple had wanted at least $2.2 billion in damages from Samsung. Samsung had sought a much lower settlement. We will be taking a deeper look at the verdict later on TUAW.

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