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Touch-based stealth game Republique gets second episode, out now


Republique is the one-touch stealth game from Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Ryan Payton and his Camouflaj studio, and its second episode is out now. Titled "Metamorphosis," the new episode again tasks players with helping Hope to escape from her captors. They can guide the young prisoner to safety by tracking her through security cameras, hacking into computers, and communicating with her on her phone.

The second episode also brings new features to the game, including a new 3D map that's also been added to the first episode. There are also new stealth abilities such as seeing guards through walls, but Republique is not all about the mechanics by any means. Camouflag's dark story centers around the mysteries of a totalitarian state, and the first episode won an International Mobile Gaming Award for Excellence in Storytelling.

If you're tempted to get in then now's as good a time as any. Camouflag is promoting the release of the second episode by putting the first one on sale, down from $5 to $3. You can add Episode 2 as an in-app purchase for $5, or pay $15 to get a season pass that covers all additional episodes. Or if you'd prefer to wait, the game is also due for release on PC and Mac later this year.
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