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Star Citizen issues its monthly report to backers and fans


As they do every month, Star Citizen's studio leads have just posted the latest report for Cloud Imperium's upcoming sci-fi sandbox. The highlights?
  • Dogfight Producer and holder of one of the most epic job titles ever Travis Day recaps the Arena Commander demo at PAX and discusses technical strides made by his team.
  • Austin director Eric Peterson details work on overall code integration, the planetside module, and the persistent universe part of the game.
  • Manchester lead Erin Roberts steps up to talk Squadron 42 and capital ship controls.
  • Other team leads mention work on art, audio, finalizing multi-orgs membership, and at least a million other things.
It's probably more information than anyone but Massively's Jef wants to know, but hey, if you wanted transparency, this newsletter is it.

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