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Apple comments on patent win as final judgement amount looms


Late on Friday, news broke that the jury in Apple and Samsung's second California litigation had reached a verdict. When the dust settled, the jury found that Samsung had in fact infringed upon a number of Apple patents, subsequently awarding the company $119.6 million in damages. The jury also found that Apple infringed upon one of Samsung's asserted patents, tacking on a $158,400 damages amount in the process.

In the wake of the jury's findings, Apple issued a statement to Re/Code applauding the ruling:

We are grateful to the jury and the court for their service. Today's ruling reinforces what courts around the world have already found: that Samsung willfully stole our ideas and copied our products.

We are fighting to defend the hard work that goes into beloved products like the iPhone, which our employees devote their lives to designing and delivering for our customers.

Note, though, that a final damages amount hasn't yet been reached because Apple's legal team, in going over documents from the jury, found that damages from an infringing Samsung product hadn't been added to the final tally. As a result, the jury will reconvene on Monday morning to determine just how much Apple is owed.

Whatever the final judgement comes out to, it will still be a far cry from the $2 billion Apple was seeking and significantly less than the nearly $900 million Apple secured during its first California legal tussle with Samsung.

At the time of this writing, neither Samsung or Google have issued statements regarding the jury's findings.

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