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Are you kidding me? House painter giving away "iPhone 6"


As an Apple blogger, I'm used to seeing stupid concept drawings and videos for alleged future Apple products. Every day, the TUAW inbox is stuffed with new ideas on what the next iPhone or iPad or iWatch could look like, and there are even other websites we won't name who seem to make a living posting these concepts. But it's just plain weird to get an iPhone 6 concept drawing delivered to your door.

Today I heard someone putting a door hanger on our front door and was astonished to see that some painting contractor was stooping so low for business that it is actually giving away an Apple device that doesn't exist. The name of the company has been pixelated to prevent it from actually getting some free publicity out of this stunt.

At least Apple can take solace in the fact that the painters aren't giving away the Samsung Galaxy S6!

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