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Jury leaves Apple's $119 million damages award intact


After a jury last week found that a number of Samsung products infringed upon Apple's patents, Apple was awarded $119.6 million in damages. Not too long afterwards, Apple's legal team discovered that damages connected to one infringing Samsung device had not been included in the final tally. Consequently, the jury reconvened earlier today to reach a firm and final figure.

The result? Still a hefty $119.6 million.

As it turns out, the jury added $4 million in damages for the one infringing device it initially left out but also subtracted $4 million in damages connected to another device.

Ina Fried of Re/Code reports:

It took the jury a little over two hours to reallocate its damages award. The panel raised the amount owed for some products, but lowered the amount for others, basically leaving things where they stood initially.

Both sides are expected to appeal various parts of the case, including the verdict.

All in all, it's arguably a bittersweet victory for Apple given that the nearly $120 million in damages is markedly less than the $2 billion that the company was aiming for.

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