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    FaceSnap free until Friday, has Galileo support for hands-free selfies


    Now here's a photography app with a difference: FaceSnap (free until May 9, US$0.99 after) is probably the best way I've seen so far to take photos of yourself or others by automatically taking snapshots when it detects a face in front of one of the cameras on your iPhone or other iOS device. Developer Applologics UG has made the app free for the rest of this week to celebrate the release of the app and build some buzz.

    There's a special feature in FaceSnap for anyone who has a Motrr Galileo robotic motion platform. The app works with the device in several of its modes to automatically search for faces, then snap a photo when it sees one. This can be useful for room surveillance or just grabbing images of friends at a party. Instead of running around with iPhone in hand taking photos, the Galileo/FaceSnap combo does it all automatically for you. Here's some video of the Galileo and FaceSnap in action earlier today -- sorry for the tint to the video, but the DSLR I usually use to shoot my video is currently unavailable:

    So that's FaceSnap! Don't delay -- go out and download the app while it's still free, as you'll love this new way of shooting face photos.

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