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Unleash the Hounds mana cost going up in Hearthstone

CM Zeriyah has announced that the mana cost for the hunter card Unleash the Hounds will be changing from 2 to 3 in an upcoming patch. Since Hearthstone came out of beta, Blizzard hasn't made any card balancing changes, but this card's power -- Hearthhead suggests the card is in 74% of hunter decks, and we honestly have to wonder about the 26% of decks that don't include it -- made the change necessary.

...when playing against Hunter decks, you may feel punished too much for playing minions. Playing minions is one of the key, fun pieces of the overall Hearthstone puzzle, and feeling like your options are limited by the opponent creates a play experience that may not be particularly enjoyable.

Still, that extra mana cost isn't so much that Unleash the Hounds is likely to go away entirely -- but hopefully it means you won't struggle with it every time you're matched up against a hunter. For more on the reasoning behind this change, be sure to read Zeriyah's full post.

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