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Don't Starve Together multiplayer expansion coming this summer


Klei Entertainment's single-player roguelike survival game, Don't Starve, will receive a free expansion that adds multiplayer options late this summer. While the developer noted some uncertainty on what the final version of the expansion will look like, Don't Starve Together is expected to have "most (if not all) the normal features in Don't Starve, balanced for multiplayer," and "potentially" new features.

Klei believes that Don't Starve Together will "support 2-4 players simultaneously. Could be more, but we are aiming for 4 minimum." The expansion will be free for all current Steam or standalone PC players to download, though the price of the standard game will increase by $5 (to $19.99) once the alpha version of Together launches. Meanwhile, Klei just launched its single-player Reign of Giants DLC.

Update: When asked about multiplayer support for the game's PS4 version, Klei tweeted that it would "like to do PS4 as well, but it's far away from knowing if it's possible."
[Image: Klei Entertainment]

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