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Dropcam can now tell the difference between your cat and boyfriend

Emily Price

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Wi-Fi-connected surveillance camera Dropcam can be useful for checking on your special furball when you're away from home. However, movement from an enthusiastic scratching post session registers the same as a burglar running off with your flatscreen, making it a less than ideal for security. That means you either have to deal with constant push notifications, or run the risk you're getting robbed. Today Dropcam announced that an update coming August will allow the cams to differentiate between people and pets. The company created an algorithm for picking out Fluffy without using depth sensors like other systems by analyzing hours of publicly-shared videos. That means she can keep on frolicking in that sun spot, and you don't have to hear about it all day.

Dropcam also unveiled new $29 motion sensors called Tabs. Unlike its cameras that have to be placed indoors, Tabs can be placed anywhere. The small weather-resistant sensors can last up to two years on a single battery, and be left places like your front gate or bedroom window (where the camera can't see) to let you know someone is on their way in. They connect to your existing Dropcam Pro using Bluetooth Low Energy, and work alongside it to provide you push notifications when it senses movement. Tabs aren't just for security. You can attach one to your washing machine to find out when the rinse cycle is over, or connect one to Mr. Tickle's collar to let you know he's escaped. Tabs can be pre-ordered now in black and while and will be available this spring.

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