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Live the High Life in GTA Online next week


Come May 13, Grand Theft Auto Online will receive the long-awaited High Life DLC update, an addition that will allow players to go from well-heeled criminals to small time real estate barons.

Alongside new weaponry, vehicles and clothing options, High Life adds additional high-end apartments to the multiplayer world of GTA Online. If you already own a virtual base of operations, don't worry: The High Life update also introduces multiple property ownership. Granted, this only expands the number of possible properties a player can own to two, but that's still a 100 percent improvement over the previous system, and should save players a lot of time that would otherwise be spent driving across town to their sole safehouse.

Finally, the High Life update adds a "Mental State" stat to the GTA Online user interface. Think of "Mental State" as a running counter of just how antisocial your avatar has been in GTA Online. As this stat is public and attached to every player, it should provide ample warning if you join a server full of griefers who've spent hours gunning down anyone foolish enough to spawn within their virtual world.
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