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Facebook says it only needs Moves' data to help build the app


When Facebook initially addressed concerns about Moves' new privacy policy, it raised more questions than it answered: just what does it mean when it says Moves will share data? Does that mean advertisers will see your fitness routine? Well, the company has since given us a clarification -- and it looks like the sharing is more innocuous than it seemed at first blush. The new policy only exists so that Facebook staffers can "actually work on building the app." The social network needs access so that it can bolster Moves' small development team and maintain the software as necessary.

Meanwhile, the social network has also elaborated on the "commingling" it wants to avoid. Simply put, there are "no plans" to bring any data from Moves into your Facebook account. The company doesn't want to identify people who use both services and open the door to a myriad of privacy issues. You shouldn't see unusually well-targeted running shoe ads in your News Feed, then, but it would have been great to have this clarity from the get-go.

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