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Risen 3: Titan Lords arrives August 12, demonic pups in tow


Furthering the gaming industry's fascination with the word "titan" comes Risen 3: Titan Lords, an epic roleplaying adventure slated for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC release on August 12.

Less than a month ago we brought you a short teaser clip, depicting an armored warrior battling what appears to be an infernal hound, driven purely by an unholy lust for living flesh. As it turns out, that demonic pooch wasn't acting alone. The extended version of the trailer, which you can view above, introduces a floating apparition with a skeleton's face, ram horns and gouts of blue flame where his eyes ought to be. As you probably guessed, the undying specter isn't too friendly.

Alongside the new trailer and release date, a few minor details on Risen 3 have emerged. According to publisher Deep Silver, the game features overhauled combat, new animations and an improved magic system. No solid plot details have yet appeared, but we expect to hear more soon.
[Image: Deep Silver]

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