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Joystiq Deals: Chargers, Robots, BioShock Infinite


Your iOS charging woes are over with today's edition of Joystiq Deals, as we're serving up a ten-foot Bungee Charging Cable for just $11.99 -- a savings of 70 percent compared to its retail price. If you need to power your devices on the go, you'll want to check out the ChargeCard, a credit card-sized lightning cable that can be yours today for $24.99.

What new opportunities await you now that charging is no longer an issue? Well, for one thing, you can use your newfound power to assert dominion over Romo, a programmable iOS robot companion who can do your bidding. You can adopt cute lil' Romo this week for just $129.

Steam users, meanwhile, can pick up cheap copies of BioShock Infinite, Super Meat Boy, and Darksiders 2 starting today. Team Meat's hyper-difficult platformer is $2.99 on Steam for today only, while BioShock Infinite is $9.89 and Darksiders 2 is $7.49 through Monday. 2K's BioShock Triple Pack is also available this weekend for 75 percent off.

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