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Kinectimals Unleashed supplies puppy hijinks to Windows 8


If you own a Windows 8 device and love adorable, fuzzy critters, your day just got a whole lot better, as Microsoft has launched the "free-to-download" Kinectimals Unleashed.

A semi-sequel to 2010's Kinect peripheral showcase Kinectimals, this new release includes a total menagerie of 85 animals. This includes the baby tigers and tiny bears of the original Kinectimals, but also adds 15 new breeds of puppy, all of whom would be delighted to play virtual fetch. Kinectimals Unleashed also adds new activities and customization options to those found in its predecessor, allowing players such pet owner joys as grooming, feeding and training an ambulatory bundle of fluff.

The catch, as you probably gathered from that "free-to-download" bit above, is that Kinectimals Unleashed features a host of microtransactions. Don't be surprised if your ocelot's cuddly shenanigans are interrupted by a request that you spend real-world cash on virtual currency.
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