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Vodafone pretends it's doing you a favour by not upping prices mid-contract


Vodafone took to its blog today to affirm a commitment: customers on any pay-monthly plan will never see its cost increase mid-contract. Three saw this as an opportunity to tweet about its identical policy, but haven't we heard all this before? But of course we have, when new Ofcom rules came into effect in January that meant anyone could dodge early termination fees and ditch their contract should prices go up during the agreed term. O2's found something of a loophole by adding a clause to contracts that has you agree to price hikes in line with inflation, while EE's simply played ball. Unlike Three, Vodafone's never actually spoken out in agreement before, but the network isn't doing you as much of a favour as it'd have you think. If prices were to shoot up mid-contract, it'd mean lost business, so the commitment is very much in Vodafone's interest. Let's be frank -- if anyone's really to thank for the carrier's new honourable stance, it's Ofcom.

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