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Here are some of the best reaction GIFs according to Reddit

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Sometimes there's no better way to respond to a story or a comment than with an animated GIF. Specifically, a reaction GIF, which should be no stranger to anyone who's ever spent a significant amount of time in online chat rooms and internet message boards. And out of the millions of GIFs out there, a few have risen to the top. Which ones? Well, the Museum of the Moving Image has asked the Reddit community to come up with what it deems as the 37 most frequently deployed GIFs on the internet for an exhibit. After looking through the submissions, we have to admit there are definitely some familiar GIFs on here (We've seen the Homer Simpson fading into the bushes animation one too many times for example).

If you want to check out the whole list, either head over to the source link or visit the museum in-person before the exhibit closes on May 15th. Meanwhile, we've decided to pair up some of our latest stories with a few from the list for a bit of fun. Check 'em out after the break.

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