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Missouri is close to banning Tesla's direct-to-customer sales


The US as a whole may strongly believe in free trade, but that seems to go out of the window whenever Elon Musk is involved. According to KOLR 10 News, Missouri's legislature has sneakily included a ban on Tesla Motors' direct-selling model, shortly before the long-standing bill was passed through the Senate. Apparently, Bill HB 1124 previously was concerned with the sale of off-road and all-terrain vehicles. However, between being passed by the house on April 17th and being passed by the senate on May 7th, a new provision was included that essentially blocks Tesla's dealership-free business. Missouri isn't the first state to do this, as lobby groups have already enacted similar legislation in New Jersey, Arizona and Texas. Given that the FTC has already come out in favor of Tesla, we suspect the company will move to block the bill reaching the House floor, and has advised the locals to do the same.

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