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The Daily Grind: Should players be blamed for using exploits?


There's no doubt that exploits are controversial and often very destructive to the fabric of a massively multiplayer game. They can throw economies out of whack in mere hours and decimate entire cities. But the question that's on my mind today is whether or not players should be blamed for using them.

In my opinion, the onus for maintaining the game's codes and rules is fully on the developers. Thus, if an exploit is found, it's the fault of the devs for not closing that loophole or forseeing that problem, not the players who take advantage of it.

Now, I would certainly advocate that any players who find an exploit consider not being jerks and leaving well enough alone, but I also don't think that exploiters should be singled out for blame while the devs paint themselves as victims. You made the game, you made the rules. If a player can do something in a game without hacking or botting it, that's within what you created. It's up to you to make sure that your boundaries are ironclad, not me.

What do you think? Should players be blamed for using exploits?

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