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EVE Online explains its new expansion model, opens store testing


If you followed EVE Fanfest 2014 closely, you already know that CCP is planning on reworking EVE Online's twice-yearly-expansion schedule, but today's dev blog aims to flesh out that plan. Writes CCP Seagull,
Instead of doing two big expansions per year, we are moving to a model where we do about 10 releases per year, or one release every 6 weeks. In general each of those releases will be smaller than what you have seen with our expansions, but overall we will get you more per year and an overall better EVE Online because of the two big benefits this new model brings: Smaller and medium size features get to you faster, and we can make bigger features and changes to EVE Online because these can take the time they need to mature before going out, without needing to time a rare expansion.
Seagull further explains that the new expansion cycle will help the team deliver speedier content for a wider variety of playstyles.

In other EVE news, CCP has announced that EVE's store is open for testing on the Singularity server. "The new store will be instrumental in the future for offering ship skins, and other character and account related services," says CCP Falcon.

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