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SAM packs full-home control into a powerstrip

Billy Steele

Home automation gadgets that allow you to remotely turn things on and off are certainly nothing new, but SensePlug's SAM duo offers that and a lot more. The smart plug and power strip also houses sensors for tracking motion, temperature and ambient light. Alongside a companion app, this additional tech will allow you to set up "SmartRules" for the automated tasks. It's kind of like IFTTT for your house. For example, you can dial in SAM to turn on a fan when the temperature rises above 75 or flip on the lights when it starts to get dark. Heck, you can even use the motion sensors to flip on the lights if someone gets in while you're out. What's more, the SAM Plug and Strip can also measure the energy use of whatever devices you happen to have plugged in. While SAM currently has just over 30 days left to go on Kickstarter, a $49 pledge will nab you a single smart plug and $109 nets a strip -- if you happen to miss the early adopter incentives.

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