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Etrian Odyssey 4, Untold $20 each on eShop this week


We knew there was an eShop sale on the way for the Etrian Odyssey 3DS games, and now we know the discounts. EO4: Legends of the Titan and EO Untold: The Millennium Girl are each going for half-price at $20, and that sale runs through until Monday, May 19.

Atlus' dungeon-mapping series has enjoyed a strong start on 3DS. New entry EO4 took four stars in our review, which praised the RPG for being accessible while retaining the series' core values. Meanwhile, EO Untold is a remake of the first Etrian Odyssey, but with enough "tedium-reducing improvements" to also earn four stars.

While it's an entry in another franchise, Etrian Odyssey fans will see the series' dungeon-crawling elements return in upcoming 3DS game Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.
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