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EQ Next roundtable covers combat in Landmark; Landmark arrives on Steam

MJ Guthrie

One feature that many Landmark followers are watching for is combat, and the 35th EQ Next Round Table Response addresses just that. In the video, Lead Systems Designer Michael Mann and Senior Brand Manager Omeed Dariani discuss the difference between the class-based combat of EQN and the sandbox combat of Landmark. In the latter, all players are adventurers, so instead of combat abilities being determined by class, they will be dictated by what is equipped. Focusing on versatility, players will be able to switch between weapons during combat to access the various abilities. The number of weapons available to players will increase over time; a small subset will release first, but more will be added based on player feedback. And yes, there will be magic!

How do movement tools play into the combat scene? Players can utilized grappling hooks as a means to gain distance quickly and then use ranged abilities. There will also be abilities that trigger from other movement types, such as dashing and dodging. Hear about all these details in the video below.

[Update: In other Landmark news, SOE has just announced that Landmark is now on Steam! Dave Georgeson has stated on Twitter that SOE is not dealing in Steam keys for existing users right now; you'll have to use the old "add game" trick.]

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