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LG's HeartRate earphones and other news for May 13, 2014


Today in the news, LG will soon be delivering iOS compatible earphones, Apple's spaceship campus is spotted from the air, and Apple's recent anti-poaching settlement is under dispute.

  • LG has announced iOS-compatible earphones that will track the wearer's heart rate. The neat thing is that they're real, unlike some others I could mention. The aptly-named LG HeartRate Earphones work with the LG Fitness app for iPhone (free) and the Lifeband Touch, which reads information sent from the earphones about blood flow in the ears. Together, the app, earphones and wrist band make a nice little wearable fitness tracker. If you're into that sort of thing. LG expects to ship the HeartRate Earphones on May 18.
  • Construction on Apple's spaceship campus is continuing as the outlines of the spaceship-shaped building begins to take shape, as noted by Fortune 2.0 via Apple Toolbox.
  • According to Ars Technica, Michael Devine, a plaintiff in Silicon Valley's high-profile employee anti-poaching lawsuit, is protesting the recent $324 million settlement reached, claiming it is "unfair and unjust." He is asking for a trial, saying the class including the lawsuit wants their day in court.
  • Apple was recently awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,723,824 for "Electronic devices with sidewall displays," which describes a wrap-around display for portable devices, reports AppleInsider.

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