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Spotify finally adds Android and iOS staples to its Windows Phone app


Windows Phone users sometimes get left behind when it comes to new apps and freshly updated software. Unfortunately, Spotify is no exception. Today, the music streaming service finally added three core features to the WP offering that have long been key pieces for Android and iOS -- ones that it promised back in February, in fact. Browse, Discover and Radio sections are now included in version 3.0, allowing you to hunt for tracks by mood, easily access new releases, create Pandora-like stations and more, all from the comfort of your handset's touchscreen. In addition to the add-ons, a tweaked interface is the app's first since it launched back in 2011, but it's still a far cry from the new coat of paint that's been applied elsewhere. Let's hope this bit of attention paid to Windows Phone is a sign of things to come, especially in terms of adding the service's new features as they arrive.

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