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The Daily Grind: What MMO would you like to see locked in time?


I logged into classic Guild Wars for the anniversary last month, and all it did was break my heart. I truly think it was one of the more original MMOs to launch in World of Warcraft's wake, and I'm still sad that it's essentially in permanent maintenance mode and eclipsed by Guild Wars 2, even though I understand the reasoning and am grateful that ArenaNet didn't just pull the plug.

On the other hand, sometimes locking a game in time might be a good thing. My recent attempts to return to Lord of the Rings Online have been thwarted by several years' worth of expansions, the deflation of my characters' currency, multiple class reworks, and combat and crafting levels that have continued their powercreeping march upward. I don't really recognize much about the game, and it'd take me a lot of time (and money) to get caught up again. At least my Guild Wars characters are exactly the way I left them!

LotRO is probably a bad example because it really does need to get to Pelennor Fields and beyond some day, but I'm sure many of you have an MMO you'd love to see locked in time for your own personal reasons. Which one and why?

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