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Another Uber SUV cab service comes to San Francisco


We've all suffered that problem when we've got too many friends to share a single cab, but not really enough to justify splitting into two groups. Uber understands our pain, and has launched UberXL, specifically for medium-sized groups of partygoers to get around in an SUV instead of a sedan. Now, if we're honest, we have no idea how this is going to shake out compared to UberSUV, which also offers SUV-sized transport, but costs twice as much to use. We have asked the company, and will let you know what we learn. Still, UberXL, which is already available in Singapore and Chicago is now coming to San Francisco, just in time for the annual Bay to Breakers race-cum-city-wide-rave. Compared to UberX, you'll pay a $5 base fare and a minimum $8 fee, but that's a small price to pay not to break up the party.

Update: So we've heard back from Uber, who explained that UberSUV uses TCP-licensed drivers for luxurious transit, whereas UberXL is just for larger groups of regular folk.

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