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WildStar's name registration is on again, off again, on again [Updated]


After a lengthy delay earlier this afternoon, Carbine has declared WildStar's pre-order name registration open once again, though readers and Massively staffers still report problems with the service.

"There are over 15,000 trying to access 1 single page, slow load times are going to happen. Just gotta refresh and try again," says Carbine via Twitter. "If you see a timer, that means your name is saved and you are good. If you are seeing "[question marks]" wait a couple minutes and try again."

Have you been able to register yet? And did you steal Justin's name?

Update: CRB_Gaffer has posted a statement about the downtime to Reddit. We've included it below:

OK, quick update on this (2:50 PST)
Yep, this is on us. Working with our team in Austin to get a fix up.
The details are this (note: this is in real time, so some of what I say may end up incorrect, but it's as good as we know at this time.)
The issue is not with page load or some of the other issues mentioned below (images/jquery/etc.), it's specifically with SSO (single sign on, part of the authentication process).
Some connections to SSO are going through, and some are hanging. The ones that are hanging eventually are crashing SSO, which is leaving those who made it through having registered successfully, and some not.
However, SSO often goes down before you get to see the Acknowledgement message ("yes, your name was reserved").
Many (most) folks seeing that someone else reserved their names quite likely successfully reserved it in a previous attempt - loads are high but not specifically so high that you should see your name taken unless someone was specifically competing with ya for it. Unless you're wanting to be "Gandalf" or "Drzzt" or some such perhaps.
SSO has been under load in the past many times without this issue; so we're searching for what the issue is.
There's a bit of a catch-22 here since obviously you want your name reserved so folks are attempting the reservation many times, and so we're trying to fix it in real time. If we manage that soon it's best to leave it up, if not it's best to bring that down, so it's a bit nontrivial to know the best course. Our top minds are working on it, in 3 different offices.
Other updates from other Carbinites as we know more. We'll do what's fairest to sort it all out, and apologies for those of you seeing the issue.
And Redditor deltahunter has posted up some helpful tips for those still struggling.

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