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EA Sports UFC trailer empties its mind with Bruce Lee


This trailer for EA Sports UFC discusses Bruce Lee's impact on the sport of mixed martial arts and shows snippets of Lee in action within the digital octagon. Lee was revealed as an unlockable character for the game in April, available to those that beat the game's career mode on pro difficulty or higher.

EA Sports UFC's career mode was detailed at the end of April, and offers players the chance to fight their way out of the reality show competition The Ultimate Fighter while improving their fighter's skills and attracting money-making sponsors. Career mode players will need to balance "longevity" and "popularity" gauges by finishing their battles in spectacular fashion while also staying healthy to prolong their time in the UFC.

Players will want to extend the amount of time they spend with the game, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson contemplated a bi-annual release schedule for games in the series in late March. That may free up the publisher's Fight Night team to develop a new boxing game, as the series is currently on hold while the team works on EA Sports UFC. The MMA game is due out June 17 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and a demo for the game is expected either before or shortly after it launches.
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