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Europe, protect your coinpurses from the May PSN sale


PSN Europe has a big sale on this month, and while it's a bit of a stinker for PS4 owners - two out of three deals are minor discounts on retail games - there are some decent offers.

There are too many deals to go through, but for the £40 a new game costs you can get Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons (£4/5 euros/AU$7.35), Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate (£4/5 euros/AU$7.35), Stealth Inc PS4 (£5.65/6.59 euros/AU$9.45), The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (£8/10 euros/$12.95), XCOM: Enemy Within (£8/10 euros/$12.95), Limbo on PS3 or Vita (£4/5 euros/AU$7.35) and The Darkness 2 (£6/7.49 euros/$AU11.05). Not bad, hmm?

It's not stated officially, but going by various listings on the PS Store the sale looks to run until June 5. Check out the full list of 100 or so discounts on the PS Blog.
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