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Vita RPG Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment coming to EU


Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is a multiplayer Vita game based on an anime in which characters play a massively multiplayer virtual reality game. This, the Inception of gaming, is confirmed now for Europe, Australia and New Zealand, where Bandai Namco's releasing it on the PS Store in July.

The Vita RPG's concept certainly won't be unfamiliar to fans of the .hack series, especially how players (not real-life ones!) who die in the VR game also die for realsies outside of it. Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment does place more emphasis on romance and building up relationships, as showcased in a trailer for the Japanese version. Namco says SAO fans can expect to bump into characters from the light novels, anime and manga.

The game's also been confirmed for North America, although there's no word on a release date beyond "summer 2014." On the plus side, all Western versions come with a free HD version of PSP game SAO: Infinity Moment, which was previously limited to Japan.
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