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Breakfast Topic: Have you ever faction swapped?

I have to admit, while some players are fervent about their devotion to the alliance or horde, I've always been ambivalent. I've done everything the game has to offer for both factions -- playing characters to max level and participating in raiding and PvP content in both alliance and horde groups. My first characters were alliance, raiding Molten Core and cursing how overpowered shamans were. Later, I rolled a new character to play with friends on the horde side -- and since the game is really made by playing with friends, these are some of my happiest WoW memories. Recently I'm back on the alliance side with a new guild and having a blast... but it's no more or less fun than I had back when I was playing with my horde buddies.

So when faction devotees launch into their battle cries, I'm a little lost. After all, why not both? So readers, today I'm asking: have you ever faction swapped? Or do you have a faction of choice that you always stick with/

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